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        產品質量就是企業的生命,公司已嚴格遵照ISO9001 2008版質量管理體系運作,對每個工作環節(印刷前后工序)都進行高精度、高效率運作,以確保產品質量達到國際標準。成本控制方面,通過優化的內部管理,全自動化生產,降低損耗、降低生產成本,在贏取自身竟爭優勢的同時也降低了客戶采購成本,創造了雙贏效益。

        “技術領先,以誠待人" 是公司的座右銘,我們深切認識到先進的設備固然重要,專業的技術人才也不可或缺,人才是企業的立足之本,以優質高效守信贏客戶,愿與海內外客戶竭誠合作,互惠互利,攜手共創燦爛明天。


        Shenzhen Grid Printing Co., LTD., founded in 2000, is located in No. 12 Junzi Bringwu industrial road, Guanlan street, Shenzhen city. As a printing and packaging service provider of high-end brand, we are committed to pursuing the highest quality of modern printing.

        With advanced and complete production and supporting equipment, including a complete set of printing and processing equipment (brand-new imported printing machine, gluing machine, die-cutting machine, paper mounting machine, window patching machine, folding box gluer, etc.), which is fully automatic and efficient, forming design, plate making, printing, packaging one-stop production with the capacity to undertake a large number of production tasks.

        We are actively developing paper products printing business like color boxes, gift boxes, instruction books, adhesive stickers and so on . The quality of the product is the being of the enterprise. Operating in strict accordance with the ISO9001 2008 quality management system, the company has itself operated with high precision and efficiency in every link of work (before and after printing), so as to ensure that the product quality meets international standards.

        In terms of cost control, optimized internal management and comprehensive automation can decrease the loss and production cost, win our own competitive advantage and at the same time reduce procurement cost for customers and create win-win benefits. "Be in the lead with technology, treat people sincerely" is the motto of our company. We deeply realize that advanced equipment is important, professional techni.